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Martina Alvarez

Born in Argentina, far from the sea, Martina grew up wanting to become a dolphin trailer. Today she dives with the world's most feared predators to tell their story. Close enough. For most peple sharks inspire terror, for Marina it was fascination. She was immediately drawn to the beauty and power of these amazing creatures. 


Marina started out working in fashion and social media until one day she felt the need for a change. Today, she works to save the 100 million sharks that die every year due to illegal fishing. The need for a change having been  thoroughly satisfied. 


Her work as an environmental journalist started when she created a documentary showing how sharks were misunderstood creatures. Seeing how her work changed people’s opinions on sharks showed her she could make a change. Not just in herself but for an entire species of underwater predators.


Pictures of Martina
Pictures of Martina